Why is it important to love yourself

I might sound like a broken record, but once again I would like to THANK YOU for being here and reading this. For whatever reason you ended up here, I am going to take a wild guess that you are single and searching for love (either you admit it or not).

Let’s think of this one scenario. You are alone and it is a time when, if you had someone – you would be getting ready to go on a date with him(or her). But you are not and that makes you sad… What would be my suggestion? Go on a date with yourself! 🙂 Either it is a fancy restaurant, or a simple fast food (your date (you) will most likely agree on a place, time and a type of a restaurant). Go get an Italian pasta or a burger. Pay for the car behind you if you end up at the fast food place window – that is always fun :). Come home and watch your favorite movie. At some point introduce your date (you) to your friends. You, your friends and your date (you) can go for a hike or volunteer at a local food bank… Would be great if your friends will enjoy the company of you (x2) 🙂
Repeat these dates with yourself couple more times and see if you will get that feeling “wow I am having such a good time! I can’t wait to go on a date with me again!” If not – ask yourself – why? What is missing? As how can you expect someone else to like or love you, if you can’t even enjoy your own company?
I once heard a guy explaining how important it was for him that his wife loved herself. He said something like “She is not dependent on my love to be happy, she is not dependent on my affection to be happy. She is happy on her own and it makes it so easy for me to love her”.

Duhhh I gota get my 3 hours/day sleep! This topic is very important – so to be continued!!!

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