Things that made your life so much better…

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I am constantly working on my list. Here it is in draft:

  1. Understanding how short this life is.
  2. Seeing my three boys becoming great men!
  3. Having people in my life who appreciate me. You know who you are! THANK YOU! 🙂
  4. Ability to GIVE.
  5. Practicing “TAKE IT EASY” and “KISS” 🙂
  6. Realization that to say “NO” sometimes is a good thing.
  7. When I was able to recognize “energetic vampires” and learned how to separate myself from them

Please let me know in the comments below:
What do you think your top three things are, that made your life better?
Only comment if you want to share them here, and only if you want all your best dreams to come true within 33 hours! 🙂
I am only joking… as always – no pressure! 🙂
In fact – if you THINK about these three things now – the mission of this post is 99% accomplished!


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