Five Levels of Dating

Singles’ World and Commitments…

Once upon a time I was single… and I was a member of a Toastmasters Club. I had to pick a topic for my next speech, research it and present it in front of my club… I already got one where I talked about myself (Icebreaker), I gave a speech about Kazakhstan where I just moved from ~ 3 years back… So I decided to talk about singles and their challenges as I just became single a year ago at that time. I called it “Singles’ World and Commitments…”
As an A student 🙂 I did my homework.. read a lot about the subject and came up with the idea that, in my opinion, there should be the five levels of dating. I will write what I remember I had in my speech very briefly now (Agile way of writing), and will add some more when I find my original Toastmaster’s notes!

The First Level would be when you admit to the world: “I am ready to date”. On this level – you can date as many people as you want at the same time – even five different people a day… not sure if there is a word for it…
If you date two people at the same time, they call it “double dating” and some might judge you for it, even so this level is not the same as what they call a “casual dating” (in my book – casual dating is equal to “The Zero Level” or ” I am not ready to date” stage)… The main goal here – learn about yourself and learn what you are looking for.

The Second Level of dating … when you still have a freedom of dating as many people as you want… but you choose to only date The One…

The Third Level of dating … meeting with each other’s friends

The Forth Level of dating … meeting the families

The Fifth Level of dating … the last level… Long story short – if you are not crazy in love and not thinking on spending the rest of your life with this person – please end this relationship and start with The First level or heck, jump into the Zero one.. so there!

This post is pending due to “I am too busy right now”, but it is coming up to be finished… stay tuned…

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