Divorce isn’t a problem. It is a RESULT. (**Gerald Rogers)

** THE MARRIAGE ADVICE I wish I would’ve Had by Gerald Rogers is my new March 2021 read… and I decided not just add it to my Library Page here, but dedicate this post to this book.
Why? I am not currently divorced (Yes I got two of those in a past :)) But same as my site, his book is not only for the men, not only for the divorced men, but for all who wants to learn more, improve what’s already there and heck – his blog that is a base for this book was read/shared 3.5 million times – that is something? 🙂 So last night I got 30 pages in… already purchased a second copy and mailed to my my dear friends, who had a tough year (you know who you are and I LOVE YOU GUYS!), and have another one coming – will be gifting it to my other friend soon…

I will add some bullet points below after I am done reading it. Stay tuned

The Marriage Advice I Wish I Would've Had (ebook)